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Once more, Marine Life Care as exhibitor

OTC 2015

(Houston - Texas)

Being an exhibitor at OTC is so exciting! We enjoy to meet our friends, partners, clients in the greatest world event of the O&G industry.

This year our topic is: How our Group can be THE partner that proposes better services for a lower cost!

Do not hesitate to meet us on our booth 4049 Interholding "French pavillon", from the 4th to 7th may 2015 at Reliant Center. Houston- TX


Interholding proud


to be part of Mr. François Hollande's

official state visit in Canada

(Calgary - Ottawa - Quebec City- Montreal )

From November 1st to 5th, 2014, Didier Boutin, CEO of Skills-4-Energy a subsidiary of Interholding, was honored to be part of the official state visit to Canada of Mr. Francois Hollande, President of the Republic of France along with 39 other French business leaders. This visit was a tremendous occasion to meet with Canadian leaders of Alberta and Quebec, to foster business relationships and friendship between Canada and France. This was also a unique opportunity for Skills-4-Energy to strengthen collaboration with Canadian businesses and Government with a common objective to solve local labour shortages issues in some specific regions of Canada.

Didier was honored to meet with Mr. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, along with most of the Canadian Ministers. Didier also greatly appreciated the invitation to and warm welcome at the Canadian Parliament during this official visit.



Marine Life Care team welcomes you on its booth

OTC 2014

(Houston - Texas)

The Three main companies of the Group (Interdevelop, Nebest and Marine Life Care) will be present at the OTC 2014. We will present you our acivities and introduce Inter-Nebest Inc., our new Subsidiary based in Houston, close to our clients.

Please meet us on our booth within the"French pavillon"
from the 5th to 8th may 2014 at Reliant Center. Houston- TX


Interholding Group invests


Marine Life Care participated

at the Oil&Gas Sailing Cup 2013


The 34th Petroleum Sailing Cup took place from 4 to 7 October 2013 in La Rochelle - Rochefort. 24 boats vied for the trophy held for 2 years by SBM Offshore.

Marine Life Care / Interdevelop finished 18th, proud to have achieved such a result in a race to a high level of competition.

La Rochelle - Rochefort



Marine Life Care located in Brest - France

an ideal location


Since September 1st, 2013, Marine Life Care is located in Brest, on the porttrade, facing the sea.

Locating in Brittany, instead of so many twists and turns to the son of the centuries Marine Life Care think be useful.

Besides Ifremer and Océanopolis that already working for the safeguarding of the aquatic species, Brittany offers an environment conducive to our mission.



Marine Life Care attended

the IAGC annual membership Meeting

(Houston Texas)

International professional association representing the géophysique industry (seismic, geophysical data acquisition,processing and interpretation of data) and associated services.

IAGC partner via Interdevelop (another company of the Group Interholding) Marine Life Care met on February 24, 2012, members of the IAGC in Houston.

It was a major event commemorating 41 years at the service of the geophysical industry.

The programme of conferences was including on the question of marine mammals protection during seismic survey operations.