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Marine Life Care specialists are selected according to strict criterias and their strong expertise to represent our company and our clients.

Technical requirements prior to boarding:

  • MMO or/and PAM qualification.
  • Knowledge of marine species.
  • Knowledge of regional and international regulations *.
  • Knowledge of industrial operations such as marine seismic surveys, pile-driving and operations using explosives.
  • Ability to carry out an environmental impact studies on fields operations.
  • Medical certificate.
  • valid BOSIET and HUET.

    The professionalism of our experts allows the ship's captain and opérations’director to carry out their mission, safely. Interruption of an operation will be requested in the ultimate case where an animal could be injured or killed without make it possible for him to leave the dangerous area.

    * Major regulatory agencies:

  • UK : JNCC                          
  • Ireland : NPWS                   
  • USA : BOEMRE            
  • Australia : DSEWPC       
  • UE : Habitat Directive
  • Canada : DFO
  • New Zeland : DoC
  • Brazil : IBAMA
  • Sakhalin, Russia : SEIC

Our specialists:


- MMO (Marine mammals Observer).

- PAM (Passive Acoustic Monitoring).

- Our R&D department.

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